Welcome to Silver’s Reading Room

Welcome to Silver DarkSky’s Reading Room

Merry Meet!

Tarot Lady holding a crystal ball surrounded by a rainbow and stars.

Silver began tarot reading in 1994 and began Life Cycle Tarot Readings in 1999 online and in her basement.

She taught Tarot Reading, Dowsing and Ethics at her local Adult Community Education Project.

For safety reasons, Silver rarely does an ‘in person’ reading preferring instead to do them online.

She offers two kinds of readings.

  • Free Card of the Day Readings
  • Paid Full Spread Readings

    • Celtic Cross

    • Wiccan Path

    • Timeline Reading (Full Year 13 Card Spread)

    • Past Present Future Reading (3 Card Spread)

The Free Card of the Day reading is done by email.  A form will be available soon.

Paid Readings go through PayPal, Silver never sees your personal information.  These readings are done off line and then uploaded to a password protected web page that only the recipient can see.  That page is taken down shortly after her client sees it.

A full description of Silver’s Readings will appear on this site very soon.

Blessed Be!