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Chatroom Help Page  

These technical tips have been provided by RaiderSoft, creators of AddonChat.


AOL Members: Some users have reported that the built-in AOL browser has difficulty connecting to our service, or does not load colors/emoticons properly. To resolve this, minimize your AOL connection, and then use the Internet Explorer browser that came with your operating system.


Ensure that your computer is capable of running our software. Chances are most likely that your computer can run our chat software. Often times, however, users may disable a specific feature on their Web browser that may cause problems. Ensure the following feature is enabled on your Web browser:




If you’re running a version of Microsoft Windows or a BSD/*NIX variant ™ and see only a broken link icon, you will need to download a copy of the Java™ Virtual Machine in order to run our application. You may download Java™ Support for your browser from the link below:


 Sun Java™ Plugin [for Netscape, Opera, MSIE, etc.]  

 We strongly recommend upgrading to the most modern version of your Web browser available today. Certain browsers [esp. Netscape 5 and below] running on Macintosh platforms are not capable of running our software due to issues outside of our control. We recommend that Macintosh users use Netscape 7.0 or MSIE 5.x.  

 As WebTV does not support Java™, WebTV users will be unable to access our chatroom.

Users operating behind firewalls may need to inform their local IT/network administrator to allow TCP connections on the port in use by SigmaChat.  

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