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CHATROOM Frequently Asked Questions



1.  What is “chat etiquette” and where do I learn it?


Chat etiquette is behavior cultivated in reputable chatrooms to help the event flow smoothly and avoid misunderstandings. Please be polite and courteous at all times.  Treat others with the respect you would expect for yourself.  We're all here to learn from one another and have fun. 


The Writers Chatroom has a profanity filter that appears in the form of a warning to the chatter who posted the message: “Please refrain from posting profanity.”  If a message does contain profanity, no one will see it posted (including the originator of the message).


If the chat moderator says a topic or line of questioning is closed - it is closed, no ifs, ands or buts.  Certain topics may be off limits for various reasons including guest request or other precautions.  Chatters continuing said topic may be ejected from the Chatroom. 


2. How do I make smiley faces and sound effects during chats?


 Smileys and audio emoticons can be produced by any chatter by typing simple key-board commands, or by simply clicking the smiley face/musical note icons. 


3. How does the queue work during the chat?  

 During guest chats, we process all questions in the order they were requested.  To ask our guest a question, please post :? (colon question mark) and our moderator will add you to the queue.  When the moderator says your name, then 'go,' you may ask your question.  Only one question at a time, please.  If you are not in the queue your question will not be considered. 


4. What is a private message and how do I initiate one?


 A private message (PM) is the best way to communicate with another chatter when the content of your message is not relevant to the entire chatroom audience. Your PM will appear in a pop-up box that only your friend will be able to see.  


To initiate a PM, double-click on the name of the intended recipient in the User List.  A small box will pop-up. You type in this box, and it will be seen only by the person you are PMing. To reply to a PM, type your response in the text area at the bottom of the pop-up box.


5.  What is "floating"?


Floating will increase the viewing area of the chatroom on your screen so that you can see more posted messages.  Simply click the Float button (third button from the left)  and then maximize your screen. To return to the original, smaller size at any time, click the Float button again.


6. I'm having trouble logging into the chatroom. Can you help?


 AOL users may have difficulty logging in, or colors/emoticons may not load properly.  If this is happening, please use the browser (probably Internet Explorer) that came with your computer's operating system.  For more technical suggestions (including non-AOL issues), please visit our troubleshooting page.   


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