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History of the chatroom

Our Chatroom Team

Audrey Shaffer

Write? Who has time to write?

Audrey started a freelance accounting/web development/business writing company in April of 2004. In the fall of 2004 she got involved with The Writer's Chatroom. In 2005 she built this website so the chatroom had room to grow. In 2006, she took over management...and promptly went insane.

She has published an essay in an online magazine, has an essay posted on the "This I Believe" website, and an article in Funds For Writers.  She is currently collecting rejection letters for her short stories, letting her novel rest and trying to find time to work on a self-help book for single women. She is becoming the local expert on Grant Accounting for Non-Profit Agencies. A new sideline is speaking engagements with professional organizations.

At least once a month, something comes up in the Wednesday Chat that gives her an idea for a new book. When she hits the lottery, she will sit down and write them all. (Hmm...put "buy lottery tickets" on the to-do list.) 

In between, she tries to spend time with her three grown children and seven growing grandchildren. Dating seemed to disappear from her life around the time that the business started. She just might find it again if she ever manages to get her desk cleaned off.

Audrey lives in rural Western Pennsylvania, US, with a gender-confused cat and desperately misses her 125 lb St. Bernard/Pit Bull mix, who adored her and wanted to sit in her lap all the time. Thankfully, as long as he is fed regularly, the cat doesn't mind if the housework isn't done.

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Lisa Haselton

Lisa Haselton is the pseudonym for Lisa J. Jackson. Lisa loves the life she’s created for herself as an independent writer and editor.

She has been a book reviewer since 2002 and loves being introduced to new authors. Her fiction writing interests run from short flash pieces to short stories to novels to scripts and include mysteries, thrillers, sci-fi, children’s, horror, Christian, romance, suspense, historicals, and anything else her muse finds exciting. All book reviews and fictional writing are published under Haselton. Non-fiction work, articles, essays, and poetry are under Jackson.

As a professional editor, she works in all genres with writers across the globe. She also works with publishers, corporations, and small businesses for written collateral, marketing, and web site content.

A lifelong resident of NH, Lisa enjoys traveling and taking adventure vacations that take her out of her element. She's been writing and editing full-time since leaving the corporate world in ’06. She loves learning, b&w film photography, as well as cycling, hiking, and just being outside exploring. She's spent one day a week since 2004 with her "Little Sis" from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and she cherishes every day they have together.




Book Review and Author Interview blog:

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Sally Franklin Christie

Sally Franklin Christie lives in a constant state of chaos.  Okay, not really, but it sure makes a better story than saying I live in Montana.  My life has been a series of stories in different settings with changing characters. 

I went to public school and college in Illinois.  I spent a little time in Florida, a place rich in insects and characters.  I met a heroin addict at a laundry mat.   I also did a little work there as a police dispatcher.  All the while, I gathered stories.

In Montana, a more constant cast of characters showed up as a husband, children and grandchildren.  More stories. 

You should write a book, someone said.  Someone else said I should help organize for social change and write a series of letters.  The certificate on the wall honors the Power of my pen, and my willingness to use it. 

I have been hanging out online in one format or another since 1982 when my Vic 20 ran on hamster power.  I was reading a magazine a few years back that listed the Writer’s Chat Room as one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers.  I dropped in to chat and pretty soon I was as hooked as that addict in the laundry mat. 

I am glad to be a part of a group of writers who are so willing to suspend judgment and offer comfort and encouragement to writers of all stages in their careers.  The moderators manage to bring in experienced and successful authors Sunday after Sunday.  The Wednesday chats are great for unwinding.  The Writer’s Chat Room is rare in its unflinching look at the more difficult side of writing,  Branding and Marketing. 

As long as Life is a Story, I’ll be busy Telling it Big.


Richard C Shaffer

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but Richard C. Shaffer figured why not use both? Aside from his mercenary career (mercenary in that he works for the money, not for love of the job) he is a writer and a martial artist. Having trained in various fighting styles including Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Judo, he savors a good fight scene.

A fan of books, movies, and video games he lavished storylines upon his mind and found himself clamoring only for more. Disappointment had grown within him; his joyful stride broken by Deus Ex Machina, plotholes, weak characters, and events that didn't just strain his suspension of disbelief, but shattered it.


Mr. Shaffer asked himself pivotal questions like, "Why do the good guys have to win?" "Why does the villain have to be inherently evil?" and "Why can't the hero have some backbone, even if they aren't a fearsome warrior?"


Tired of the mundane ritual of watching a movie and declaring the ending half way through, watching a psychological thriller and naming the conspiracy behind it, or reading a murder mystery and clearing the butler in the first half, Mr. Shaffer decided to try his own hand at writing.


Specializing in Historical Fiction, he is a neurotic writer, writing fictions set in the present, past, and future…not to mention the occasional non-fiction work.


Unfortunately he's lousy at finishing manuscripts, relegating him to the 'amateur' side of writing. He has ghost-written a few short works and done character development for independent organizations; emboldening him just enough to admit he's made money writing. Another million and he'll be out of the red on his writing budget!


In the meantime he runs the website and blog (link:


Along with his muse of a wife, he also runs the Bitchido Youtube Channel (link:




Questions? Comments? Contact audrey at